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Dead Zone - Soichi Terada - Satsujin No Jikou Ha 15Nen (Vinyl, Album)


  1. If you’ve ever been busted by your target then you know Scent Control is an inherent need for success. Dead Down Wind™ offers a system notorious for annihilating odor on contact with our three-phase system. Our All-New Dead Zone Ozone Generator will truly round out that system and destroy odor for when it matters most.
  2. Dead Zone (ブラックホール波 Burakkuhōru-Ha, lit. "Black Hole Wave") is Garlic Jr.'s Ultimate Blast in his Super Form. Super Garlic Jr. heightens his ki which opens a portal to the Dead Zone and launches it towards his opponent. Upon impact, it binds the enemy for a few seconds and Garlic Jr. appears to be strangling his opponent. After a few seconds, the Dead Zone vanishes in a small.

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