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Drums Like Machine Guns Split - +HIRS+ - Remixxxes (Lathe Cut, Album)


  1. Jul 06,  · Check the album version - it has real drums. The drum machine version is an extended remix, featured on Vital Idol, I guess - it starts like the albul mix then after a bridge the song repeats with the drum machine and heavy synths.
  2. Beautiful, intelligent electronic music with hip-hop attitude! Cut-up, distorted rap samples are intricately combined with deep, warm electronic sounds. It's all then held together with hip-hop beats that make you move your body to this addictive, wonderfully constructed CD.
  3. The guns and drums And drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo, With your guns and drums And drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo, With your guns and drums And drums and guns the enemy nearly slew you Oh my darling dear you look so queer, Oh Johnny, I hardly knew you. Where are your legs that used to run, Hurroo, hurroo, Where are your legs that used to run.
  4. Dec 07,  · I am a drum builder and I want to add a lathe or perhaps build a machine to turn my drum shells instead of out sourcing. I'd also like to make/machine metal parts for my drums if/when necessary. I am also in the process of having a bronze shell made that I will need to turn. Perhaps a cast iron shell if I can ever find a pipe big enough.
  5. This solid little machine is made of cast iron, giving it the mass and rigidity to cut tougher metals such as iron, brass, steel. Numerous improvements have been made to 7x lathe design to make it even more accurate and reliable. This machine is small, but it is not a .
  6. Also, the univibe pedal does not make it sound like a machine gun, Buddy Miles on drums is making the machine gun sound. Chuck from Washington, Dc These comments apply to the version of Machine Gun on the Band of Gypsys record. None of the comments are correct about what he is saying. Closest I can figure he is saying "sit back like a barber.".

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