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My Mommys Gun


  1. Jan 04,  · This book is amazing! It is perfect for the children of anyone who carries a gun. It explains why we chose to carry a gun (to protect our loved ones), what a child should do if s/he finds a gun, the 4 universal gun safety laws, our nation's firearms heritage, and much, much more! If you (our your spouse) opt to carry a gun, then let's do it right!
  2. I ruvs water guns! Mommy puts ice waters in dis one and it’s yummys. Hehe. Rufus the Cancer Pitty. views · June Mornins, gots my Grinchys. Rufus the Cancer Pitty. views · June Zooky vs. Zooky. Rufus the Cancer Pitty. views · June Oh it’s a new brush for my teefies. I ruvs to brushys my teefies.
  3. Dec 15,  · Of course, unknown to them, the SIRT gun just “shoots” a laser. When I walked out to my bookshelf and saw the SIRT pistol nestled on top of my books, I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I told my son how proud I was of him for telling me what he had discovered. And when I told my husband what had happened, he stated, “Wow. It’s working!
  4. American Sheepdogs: Why Mommy Carries a Gun Paperback – January 1, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Author), Stephanie Rogish (Author), Jacob Gion (Illustrator) & Reviews:
  5. May 05,  · Some kids can be very aggressive and offensive with their brothers and sisters. Have you ever said something you regret? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE.
  6. Oct 01,  · The gun is his way of efficiently removing his enemy from world. Then, one by one, innocent lives disintegrate in an impersonal spray of blood and bone. A 4-year-old girl’s life is shattered when she watches her father’s blood slowly spreading from his heart.
  7. Now that mommy's not around She used to love her heroin But now she's underground So you stay out late at night And you do your coke for free Drivin' your friends crazy With your life's insanity Well, well, well you just can't tell Well, well, well my Michelle Sowin' all your wild oats In another's luxuries Yesterday was Tuesday Maybe Thursday.
  8. Jan 17,  · My Daddy Has a Gun: and My Mom Does Too! shares the view of firearm usage in everyday life from the perspective of a grade-schooler as she reviews how her parents and others in her life use guns.

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